and Approaches

The Voice & Advocate for Independents Worldwide

Through its lobbying efforts, IFTA promotes a greater understanding of why the independent film and television industry is important economically and culturally, and how the Independents’ business model creates unique challenges different than that of the major vertically integrated studios.

Uniting the collective voice of the independent sector around the world, IFTA actively works with decision-makers on critical matters directly affecting the Independents and their business: 

» To advocate for open and competitive markets

» To promote strong copyright laws and encourage legal online distribution

» To protect producers' and distributors' exclusive rights

» To push for legal, regulatory, and industry practices that enable the independent sector to thrive

Market Access & Trade Barriers

Trade barriers arise in many forms and generally refer to government-imposed measures and policies that protect domestic industries from foreign competition. IFTA encourages open and competitive marketplaces by supporting efforts to remove barriers that restrict access to markets and distribution platforms around the world.

Media Consolidation

The distribution of film and television programming has never been more concentrated in a handful of large media conglomerates, which control much of the television networks, cable channels, online platforms, and increasingly, the broadband pipes through which content flows to consumers. IFTA is an active voice in fighting to regain distribution opportunities for independents that were lost in traditional media due to massive industry consolidation and to ensure that the same pattern is not allowed to be replicated with online distribution.

Intellectual Property Rights & Anti-Piracy

Copyright, and the ability to exclusively control the use of a protected work, is the fundamental basis for the commercial exploitation of film and television programming, which is constantly under threat by widespread infringement. IFTA actively lobbies to protect exclusive rights, encourage legal online distribution, and advocate for a strong international framework for copyright protection and enforcement.

The Online Marketplace

IFTA endorses the concept of “net neutrality” with a focus on the content suppliers' ability to reach consumers and supports efforts to extend the principles of non-discrimination and open access to the internet, ensuring that the broadband networks operate in the public interest.  IFTA also supports “platform responsibility” which seeks to hold the dominant internet platforms accountable for the harmful and illegal activities occurring on their systems and within their control that threaten consumers' security, privacy, and safety.