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IFTA® is the trade organization that unites the global Independents and ensures that our industry's voice is heard and well represented.  Our diverse Membership spans all continents and more than 20 countries, giving us insight and influence around the world.  IFTA uses its prominent seat at the international table to further establish the importance and uniqueness of the independent film and television industry, both economically and culturally.  

IFTA Member companies are a global community of entrepreneurial creators as diverse in size and business as the content they finance, produce, acquire, and distribute.  Our Members are behind many of the world's most prominent films, including 22 of the last 32 Academy Award® winners for Best Picture.  Collectively, IFTA Members produce and/or distribute thousands of independent films, including 70% of the films in the U.S., and countless hours of content. 

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has had dramatic and long-lasting effects on our industry.  IFTA works nonstop to protect Members' livelihood and their ability to compete in this new marketplace, arming them by with the tools, legal and research resources, licensing and marketplace expertise, community support, and day-to-day efficiencies, and seeking government intervention where needed. 

Our Members

Independents are companies that organize the financing, production, and exploitation of films and television programming relying primarily on outside sources and on third party distributors in each territory and for each medium in which the project is distributed.  It is the prevalent model around the world.  IFTA Members include such companies as:

What Membership Means to You

As our industry continues to face the most challenging time in our history, Members rely on IFTA for support and to keep up with the rapidly changing marketplace.


There is no other organization in the world that puts the global Independent industry first. IFTA is front and center lobbying and educating governments and decision makers on the Independents’ business model to ensure that what is good for the major studios, broadcasters, and online platforms is not automatically accepted as a solution for the Independents. Pandemic insurance, copyright policy and protection, market access in China and other territories, competitive markets, and platform responsibility are at the center of IFTA's industry efforts. Ongoing relationships with producers associations, guilds and unions, royalty collections organizations, and local authorities allow IFTA to help Members on the ground.

Licensing & Distribution Support

IFTA Members connect directly to our in-house legal, research and business affairs experts who publish the worldwide “industry standard” licensing agreements for international rights in motion pictures and television programming. Our team is dialed-in to changes and trends around the world that impact industry practice and share that knowledge directly with Members. IFTA’s experts are an extension of your own company - available to respond to your staff’s licensing questions or concerns and working to find the answers you need to close your deals quickly and efficiently.

Insight & Education

IFTA is your source for information and the place where Members come to learn. We keep our Members in the know on both the little tremors and the seismic events in the industry. IFTA has a strong program that spotlights Members and generates a steady stream of practical information on the world’s markets and new business opportunities, and offers expert advice on the tactics needed to succeed. Exclusively for our Members, we offer insightful monthly Webinars and industry research to provide the solutions and support you need to traverse the ever-evolving landscape of the international film, TV, and digital sales, financing, and production.


At IFTA's core, we are an incredibly strong, collaborative, and talented community of industry professionals from around the world. Our Members rely on the sharing of experience and advice amongst their IFTA peers. IFTA prioritizes and creates dedicated opportunities for all staff of IFTA Member companies to connect and learn from one another, including open discussion sessions after major film markets and the 24-7 online platform, MyIFTA.