Protecting Your
Intellectual Property

IFTA® Practical Guide to Copyright Protection

IFTA’s Practical Guide to Copyright Protection provides a road map to better understand how to protect your works and enforce your rights. From establishing basic content security protocols to outlining enforcement options under the various international frameworks for copyright protection, the Guide sets out best practices for how and where to report instances of infringement including the steps for notifying ISPs, payment processors, search engines, and advertisers.

Report IP Theft

The National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Center provides a quick way to report violations of IP rights for investigation by federal authorities in the U.S. as well as through law enforcement partners in other countries. By clicking the “Report IP Theft Button”, you will be redirected to the IPR’s Report Form. Information submitted will be reviewed promptly by IPR Center staff and disseminated to IPR Center law enforcement partners for appropriate investigative response and tactical use. Additional resources may be found on the IPR Center's website