Through its lobbying efforts, IFTA promotes a greater understanding of why the independent industry is important economically and culturally, and how the Independents’ business model creates unique challenges different than that of the major vertically integrated studios.

Intellectual Property Rights & Anti-Piracy

Strong intellectual property (IP) laws are fundamental to our industry's ongoing ability to produce and deliver creative works to the marketplace. IFTA actively lobbies to protect producers’ and distributors’ exclusive rights, encourage legal online distribution, and advocate for a strong international framework for copyright protection and enforcement.

Market Access & Trade Barriers

A fair and equal marketplace is a necessity of international business. IFTA encourages open and competitive markets in all territories around the world and on all distribution and supports efforts to remove barriers that may hinder methods of access to lucrative markets and distribution channels. 

Media Consolidation

Concentration of ownership and control of media distribution seriously affects the independents ability to reach consumers. IFTA is an active voice in fighting to regain distribution opportunities for independents that have been lost in traditional media due to consolidation and in seeking to protect the openness of emerging platforms.


IFTA supports efforts to ensure that the principles of non-discrimination and open access also are extended to the Internet ("net neutrality").