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Membership Criteria

Being an IFTA Member enhances your company's brand around the world and differentiates you from the competition. 

Membership in IFTA is company-based.  All benefits and services extend to your entire staff.

Voting Member

Voting Membership is available to a company that is and has been actively engaged for at least one year in the business of licensing, or representing the licensing of rights for export of Theatrical Motion Pictures or Television Programming, for any platform or any medium, in at least two Theatrical Motion Pictures or Television Programs for license periods of at least five years in at least 10 of the top 30 major territories outside the company’s home market.

Affiliated Financial Institution (AFI) Member

AFI Membership is available to a company that is or has been primarily engaged for at least three years in the business of providing entertainment finance-related services to a company which does or can qualify as an IFTA Voting Member.

New Companies

Our industry changes daily and industry veterans move to new ventures.  IFTA welcomes newly formed companies without past history that are led by executives with past experience in licensing of rights for international export. 

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