Independent Film & Television Alliance Announces 2019 Board Of Directors

Los Angeles Thursday, November 7, 2019
The Independent Film & Television Alliance® today announced the results of its annual elections to select the Chairperson and Board of Directors.
Michael Ryan (GFM Films) will continue to serve as the Chairperson of IFTA having been re-elected to serve for 2019-2021.  
In addition, the following individuals have been elected to serve on IFTA’s 15-person Board for the next two years:
Tannaz Anisi (13 Films)
Scott Bedno (Myriad Pictures)
Caroline Couret-Delégue (Film Seekers Limited)
Clay Epstein (Film Mode Entertainment)
Patrick Ewald (Epic Pictures Group, Inc.)
Jeffrey Greenstein(Millennium Media, Inc.)
Jay Joyce (Artist View Entertainment)
Jeannine Tang (Participant)
Adam Wright (Voltage Pictures)

These executives join those currently serving the second year of their two-year term as IFTA Board members, including Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Entertainment, Inc.), Anna Marsh (STUDIOCANAL), Nat McCormick (The Exchange), Alison Thompson (Cornerstone Films Limited), and Frederick Tsui (Media Asia).

Chairperson Michael Ryan commented, “IFTA is the only organization that unites the collective voice of the independents around the world and works with international governments and decision makers to realize the massive economic and cultural contributions of their work. I am pleased to continue as Chairperson and collaborate with this exceptional Board to further tell our story on a global level.” 

“Michael’s dedication to IFTA has been tremendous and he has provided strong leadership during a period of intense challenge for the Independents. With his guidance and the support of this very strong group of executives on our Board, IFTA is well-equipped to shape its activities for the future,” said IFTA President & CEO Jean Prewitt.