Why Independents


Why does independent film and television matter?

  • 500 films: The number of films produced by independents each year.

  • $4.8 billion: The revenue created by independent film and TV productions each year

  • 70%: The percentage of film productions in the US that are independent.

  • THOUSANDS: The number of jobs created - both directly and indirectly by independent productions in your country and your community.

& Variety

As the five major studios have become more specialized around marketing and distribution, an opportunity has developed for independents to fulfill the creative and business space of “making”.

Independents are producing great work every day for consumption around the world. And, while they may be distributed by one of the big five studios, they are created, and the copyright is owned, by an independent.

Simply put, independents provide the choice and variety in entertainment consumers want.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to craft. Producing an independent film or television program presents a variety of challenges - business, governmental, legal. To help usher the business of independents, the Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) continually acts to make sure that the capability of independents to create is protected and cultivated, so that we all benefit from what is produced.