IFTA Arbitration™ is a well-established international dispute resolution system that fairly, quickly, and economically resolves disputes involving entertainment-related production, finance, and distribution agreements.

Open to the worldwide industry at large, IFTA Arbitration has administered the resolution of disputes in more than 2,900 cases involving more than $900 million in claims. Practicing in 20 countries, IFTA’s panel of Arbitrators are distinguished entertainment attorneys with deep expertise in litigation, copyright, and entertainment transactional law acting as neutral experts who hear arguments, review evidence, and issue legally binding Arbitration Awards pursuant to and within the time frame outlined in IFTA International Arbitration Rules.

IFTA Arbitration also offers parties prepared to initiate arbitration the option of a “10-Day Settlement Letter” in which IFTA Arbitration itself notifies the other party that the matter has been referred to IFTA Arbitration, and encourages the parties to settle their differences prior to initiation of arbitration proceedings.

For more information on IFTA Arbitration, contact:

Richonda Starkey, Arbitral Agent
1-310-446-1047 | rstarkey@ifta-online.org